VG7 -2011 & 2010 UK CHAMPION


The VG7 has dominated UK racing since its introduction in 2010.

It has won the UK cup series and the UK inland series for 2 years running in the hands of Mark Kay.

Series Results over a season tend to be the true reflection of equipment as it has to perform over the full range of conditions, from the 3-5 knot drifiting races through to the howling screaming 25 knot ones! The VG7 has proven itself 2 years in a row, in the only arena that matters, the racecourse.


VG7 2011 World Champion.


Harriet Ellis is the 2011 womens world champion, using an 8.5 VG7 in Spain, Harriet won at her first attempt. Well done Harriet!


Demon Design Raceboard Sails are OPTIMISED TO PERFORM ACROSS THE FULL RANGE OF CONDITIONS. What this means is that through a series of events or over a season they are the fastest sails available, proven, time and again by the racing results achieved- over 20 world titles and too many national titles to count.....The VG7 particularly has been designed to stay more comfortable in its upper wind range, with a planform that flattens at midspan in stronger gusts, but pulls camber back in as the gust dies away- auto adjusting and soft handling. Its also of a relatively high aspect ratio to ensure it maintains the lightwind performance so important to a raceboard sail. Heavyweights can stay competitive with lightweights by using a VG7- the only problem comes when the lightweights are on a VG7 as well!


The VG7 is built in the BEST AVAILABLE MATERIALS, a mix of Aramid, Pentex and Polyester laminates and the 9.5 weighs in at 4.4kg (not quite down to the VG5's 3.9kg but it does have 8 battens and 6 cams!). We fit as standard ball bearing down and outhaul blocks to give free running adjustable systems. and you have the option of superlightweight batten ties or our allen key batten tensioners.




Sizes 9.5, 8.5




The pictures opposite (click on the strongwind/lightwind toggles) show the strongwind and lightwind settings available on a VG7 simply by the adjustment of down and outhaul. The legitimate downhaul adjustment range is 100mm and outhaul nearly the same. What this means is the VG7 has a huge range of available shapes for the race course and the associated wind and board speeds. Its one of the reasons the VG7 is so good across the full range of condition, we havnt built a sail for one specific windspeed, we have designed a sail that can be adjusted to whatever you want it to be, flat loose leech blaster to tight lightwind powerhouse.



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