The sails are built with the best fabrics on the market, which usually means Bainbridge U.S. Laminates. The leech panels utilise HMT45, a High Modulus Twaron aramid. These fabrics are extremely low stretch for a very low weight. The rest of your sail is made of polyester and Pentex laminates. In 20 years of building we have found the lightweight, high-tech sail cloths to be very durable and very reliable in performance, often giving a sail life of ten years! The VG5 is available in Technora, (a black aramid scrim) or High Modulus Twaron, HMT( a gold aramid fibre) broadly similar the technora is slightly lighter whereas the HMT is slightly better dynamically- all pretty marginal-HMT is possibly a little better in UV.


The VG5 Is designed to adapt itself to the sailing conditions and the gusts and bumps of real world sailing. It has 15 separate panels made of seven different materials, all but 2 having different grain directions which are critical within about 3 degrees. This gives over 5000 design decisions even after the shape of panels is decided. Less than 20 of these permutations are any good! It is also designed to have enormous shape variation, it does! See the pics below-


The combination of the design and materials used in Demon Design sails produce the lightest sails on the market. As examples the 9.5 VG5 in the above picture is 4.00 KG and the 11.0 Version 3a an astounding 4.2 kg. This is achieved without sacrificing longevity, these sails usually last over 5 years of hard racing use.


The handling of the VG5 is superb in all wind strengths because it is so adjustable. No design compromises have had to be made to suit any particular set of conditions. From tight light wind powerhouse to flat loose leech easy blasting the VG5 truly is - everything you want it to be



Light wind set

Mid wind set

Strong wind Set





Detail Photographs of the VG5 here


Sizes - 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5













The VG5 has a huge shape range; the pictures below show what can be achieved simply by adjusting the outhaul and downhaul. The sail shown is a 10.5 VG5 weighing 3.6 kg.


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