The C4 has been developed as a "real world" slalom/speed sail.

4 Cams, pentex/polyester/kevlar cloth mix with 6 battens, this is one high end sail.

Designed to have an ULTRA RIGID and locked up lower section, the framing of the sail means the higher the loading the more rigid the foil becomes, perfect for mad 35-40 Knot broad reaches. Body armour is a very good idea with this sail, you'll be sailing seriously quick!

The 6.0 C4 has been clocked by GPS at 40.5 Knots in chop and with the ability to sync a digital camera's time recording stamp with the gps this is exactly what it looks like to do it, here Sailor is Simon Hinkley on a Demon Design C4 6.0m sailing at Stithians lake in Cornwall. Allthough there are many people achieving fast times nowadays to do so in chop, on Stithians lake.....regularly..... is a whole other thing- not many can- simon is one of them.

The C4 has a relatively narrow mast sleeve, this is because narrow sleeve sails power up and accelerate quicker than their wider counterparts, so, in real world conditions, are faster. Furthermore large sleeves hold lots of water and are hideous to water start or uphaul when full of water.

The weight of the C4 is extremely light, the 9.3m sail weighs no more than most manufacturers 5.5m wave sail... We have done this through the use of high end fabrics combined with bespoke construction techniques and the stripping out of ALL unnecessary weight. If you want fancy turbo widgets and aesthetics led panel shapes this sail is not for you, if you want a ridiculously fast, stable and fun sail with 4 cams that weighs in at under 4kg best get an order in quick.

Sizes 5.3, 6.0, 6.4, 6.8, 7.2, 7.5, 8.2, 9.3.








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